19 May 2013

My Mission

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Mission One

My main goal is to bring you my Pasadena and make it your Pasadena. I love this city and I can’t sing it’s praises loud enough or often enough. If I am not inviting friends and family to come to Pasadena, I am showing friends and family around Pasadena. Because there are so many things to do and places to go here and I know that I (Mr. Pasadena) am the person to bring them to you.

Mission Two

I am have been humbled by the title and I have appreciated all of my friends and associates that have called me Mr. Pasadena over the past 20 years. However I have to be honest…Knowing the rich history of Pasadena and knowing some of the amazing people that make Pasadena what it is today I have to admit that there are quite a few gentlemen in Pasadena that have more than earned the title of Mr. Pasadena. My goal is to present to you those individuals that have become famous in this town and that are also known as Mr. Pasadena.

Therefore, it is my quest to research and present to you these Pasadena ambassadors. I mean where else would you expect to find them but here at Mr. Pasadena.net.

What's on, What's not

Things that I plan to showcase here on the site.

  • All of Pasadena’s great restaurants, diners and eateries that I feel are “approved by Mr. Pasadena”.
  • Upcoming events in Pasadena.
  • Bargains and deals out in town.
  • Pasadena news shaping this city.
  • Rumors and gossip that is spreading through town.
  • Basically anything and everything that is Pasadena.

Things you are not going to see here.

  • I am not going to blog about movies or TV. Then again, I might should there be an upcoming movie at or TV show about Pasadena. However, that’s not to say that I won’t recommend a great theatre to go see movies or a great place to buy a flat screen TV.
  • I have political views, but that view I will share on some other blog and under some other blog name.
  • I like LA, I like many cities surrounding Pasadena, but I have never been known as Mr. Altadena, Mr. Monrovia or Mr. Glendale so I probably won’t be talking about those cities.
  • I am not one of those people that will talk about himself in the third person. Having this website seems boastful enough I don’t need to annoy more people by running around saying Mr. Pasadena this or Mr. Pasadena that.  

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