01 August 2013

Bartending @ THE SALT LOUNGE

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Bartending @ THE SALT LOUNGE

AUGUST 1st - I've been tapped to be the celebrity bartender at the "Salt Lounge"! Who knew I was a celebrity in this town?   I love the Salt Lounge, it has an uptown vibe, swanky decor, great apps and great drinks. Every time I recommend this place to people, they have not heard of it and have no idea where my best kept secret in Pasadena is(it's at the iPic theatres at One Colorado). No need to buy a movie ticket to enjoy this event or visit the Salt Lounge.  Although it is part of the movie theatre,  (Salt Lounge) you can go down to the lounge and enjoy drinks with friends and family and not have to see a movie.  I also hear that during football season the private bar complete with several 50 inch screens and a goliath media screen showing all the games. 

 Well I hope you are available to join in the fun Thursday night. I will be pouring my signature drink “The Mr. Pasadena!”  It’s going to be a great night at the Salt Lounge!I can't wait to bartend!  



SALT LOUNGE @ i Pic Theatres

42 Miller Alley, Pasadena, CA 91103

(626) 639-2260