02 June 2013

Free Gas For You On Memorial Day

Posted in Events, Rants & Raves

As gas prices continue to rise, the SoCal Honda Dealers want to reward Honda drivers in Southern California during this coming Memorial Day (5/27) by giving them free tanks of gas. The Helpful Honda Guys in their iconic blue shirts will be out at gas stations all over SoCal giving away free tanks of gas, pumping the gas, and washing windows- just one more way SoCal Honda is being helpful.

To find out where the helpful Honda guys will be pumping their free gas in Pasadena and around SoCal, stay tuned via Twitter @Mr_Pasadena and the following Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SoCalHondaDealers?fref=ts

Also just to make things fun the first 5 people that Tweet me and say “@Mr_Pasadena I read your blog post on #freegas http://ow.ly/lnLsC @HelpfulHonda thx for the heads up!” gets their choice of a Dodger Travel Mug, an LA GALAXY Jersey or a helpful Honda Guy Blue polo.