26 September 2016

Respect The Tequila

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Tequila Tasting at El Portal 2016

Mr. Pasadena El Portal Tequila Tasting 2016I’m surprised that I didn’t wake up with a bad hangover and I can still remember the adventure at the El Portal’s 2016, Tequila Tasting, and what an epic event that was, with music, amazing foods, and of course the never ending flow of the famed elixir from the south, tequila, expertly poured by over 20 vendors. 

Now, ever since my experience with tequila in college, I had a love hate relationship with the concoction that left me recommitting my life to Christ with my face inside the toilet bowl. I have voiced my concern to Michael Calderon, aka Mr. Pasadena when he invited me to the event, and with a grin on his face, he began to coach me on the proper way of drinking tequila. “Tequila demands respect and you have to drink it with reverence.” said Michael. Such heavy words, don’t you think? 

People started arriving into the beautiful courtyard of El Portal and the purveyor of the tequila brands were there with huge smiles and ready to pour their ware for the guests. From Patron to the Skull bottled KAH, the tequila flowed like Rio Grande in spring. Michael was on hand to welcome the guests with his bubbly personality and his signature bear hugs, and he expertly made sure that everyone was having a good time. There were free gift bags and raffles for the lucky few, who got to take home some really cool stuff.

As soon as the sunset painted the sky in it’s glorious colors, the event turned into a huge party with throngs of people dancing to the guitar riffs of latin music provide by the talented band. There was an audible shift in the energy level and soon the event turned into a celebration. 

Being Korean and from a culture that loves to party, I have to admit, Latino’s know how to party.

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