Rachael L. Faught

"I eat. I write. I live." - This is my life mantra because it is what I do best.

I was born in the the cattle country of central California, raised in a Philadelphia suburb and then flung to Southern California for adolescence and where I remain in adulthood (so far). With roots scattered about the country, I have tasted everything from scrapple to sushi to shoo fly pie. Glass of Win is a typo turned haven for my adventures in food, travel, and life as a geek girl extraordinaire living in Los Angeles. A full-time writer always on the hunt for a new gig, a sometimes artist, a survivor of four open-heart surgeries, a globe-trekker, a voice actress, and a life-long food worshiper, I am dedicated to experiencing all that this world has to offer (and then promptly writing about it). I write for The Place: Los Angeles, a visitors guide to all things L.A. (http://www.visittheplace.com) When I’m not stuffing my face, I am typically having an adventure with my friends or at home mastering culinary challenges of my own making.