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11 January 2012

Celebrating the Pasadena/American classic

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Cheeseburger Week in Pasadena January 15 thru 20

Celebrating the Pasadena/American classic

Ah yes! The all American Cheeseburger. It was back in 1920 when Lionel Sternberger is reputed to have invented the cheeseburger at the age of 16 when he was working as a fry cook at his father’s Pasadena, California sandwich shop, “The Rite Spot,” and “experimentally dropped a slab of American cheese on a sizzling hamburger.

Next week Pasadena chamber of commerce presents Pasadena Cheeseburger week. So come and celebrate the birth of the Cheeseburger. Not just burger joints, but a variety of restaurants will be putting their very own spin on the American Classic. That’s right some of Pasadena favorite eateries such as Gales, Crepe Studio, Lebanese kitchen and Toro Sushi Bar will be celebrating by giving you their take on the cheeseburger.

Personally I am a traditionalist, but hey let’s live a little next week and become adventurous for once. Here is the list of participating restaurants:

Participating restaurants:

  • A/K/A Bistro - 41 Hugus Alley
  • Beckham Grill – 77 W. Walnut
  • Burger Continental – 535 S. Lake
  • Clearman’s Galley – 7215 N. Rosemead Blvd.
  • The Counter – 140 Shoppers Lane
  • CRÊPEstudio – 99 E. Union St.
  • The Dog Haus – 104 N. Hill St.
  • Dog Haus Biergerten – 93 E. Green St.
  • El Portal – 695 E. Green St.
  • Gale’s (lunch only) – 452 S. Fair Oaks Ave.
  • Green Street Restaurant – 146 Shoppers Lane
  • Jersey Mike’s Subs – 122 S. Lake Ave.
  • Kings Row Gastropub – 20 E. Colorado Ave., Ste. 120
  • Lebanese Kitchen – 1383 E. Washington Blvd.
  • Lovebirds Cafe – 921 E. Colorado Blvd.
  • M Local Mediterranean Grill – 105 N. Hill Ave.
  • Magnolia Lounge – 492 S. Lake Ave.
  • Noir Food & Wine – 40 N. Mentor Ave.
  • Pie ‘n Burger – 913 E. California Blvd.
  • POP Champagne & Dessert Bar – 33 E. Union St.
  • Quadrupel Brasserie – 43 E. Union St.
  • Red, White + Bluezz – 70 S. Raymond Ave.
  • Soleil at the Sheraton – 303 Cordova St.
  • Toro Sushi, Bar, Lounge – 2675 E. Colorado Blvd.
  • Vertical Wine Bistro – 70 N. Raymond Ave.
  • Yahaira’s Cafe – 698 E. Colorado Blvd.

For more info, visit the Pasadena Restaurant Week website