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08 July 2012

Lucky Boy Opens New Walnut/Oakland Location!

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Lucky Boy Opens New Walnut/Oakland Location!

BURGER ALERT! I just left the construction site of the “new” Lucky Boy burger restaurant on Walnut (cross street Oakland) and management confirms that they will be opening their doors this coming Wednesday, July 11th or Thursday, July 12th. My guess is that this will be their “soft opening”. It may be a week or two before they work out all the kinks, but I KNOW that Pasadenans have waited a long time for this opening. So go there this coming week with your patience (for a possible long line) and your empty stomach.

For those that are saying “What is Lucky Boy?” I will say that Pasadenans have many a choices when it comes to burgers, but Lucky Boy is staple in the lore of Pasadena (currently there is one open @ 640 South Arroyo Parkway). Many locals swear by the Lucky Boy breakfast burrito and others say that after a long night of partying in Old Town Pasadena, there are sobering powers in a Lucky Boy burger and fries. Regardless of what you believe, most locals have a story about their adventures at Lucky Boy.

Now you ultra Pasadenahistorians may remember this location as Amy’s Fast Food that sadly was put out of business by a fire in August, 2007. If you turn back the clock even further to the1961 you would know this is the original Lucky Boy site. When they moved to the current Arroyo location they retained the original Walnut property. Although many are saddened that Amy’s is never coming back, they are equally elated that Lucky Boy is returning/ opening up on the same site.

This quite place will be bursting with people this week!

Mr. Pasadena says: After your first visit to the new Lucky Boy location (or if you rather –the reboot of the old location) please come back and leave a comment here to let everyone know your thoughts on how good it was. Is it as good as the Arroyo site? Or what is it that they need to work on? Your feedback is always appreciated here.

Update: (07-12-12) Well…It’s STILL not open. I must admit I am frustrated that I am not following up with a comment that I had a great breakfast burrito or a great Lucky Boy Burger yet, but I did call the existing Lucky Boy today to find out when they are going to be open. The lady over the phone sadly said that they are now “hoping to be open by end of month”. End of month? Drats! Guess I’ll have to wait just a little longer for Lucky Boy on Walnut to open. If I hear or see opening before then I will let you know.
–Mr. Pasadena

Lucky Boy Burger Restaurant

531 Walnut StreetPasadena,CA.

Opening: Wed July 11th/ Thurs. July 12th of 2012